The Best Guide to Omani Cuisine



A taste of Oman, The Omani cuisine embraces a very unique blend of Persian, Arabian, African and Indian influences. Lying along the centuries old spice routes, it’s no surprise that spices such as cardamom, cumin & saffron are all put on a pedestal in the country. Another distinguishing factor is the interesting use of coconut, rose water and even berries. The true Omani magic takes over the taste buds & takes you into the realm of Arabian delights. You’ll be surprised at the kind of variations Omani cuisine comes up with. Every serving is a treat for the taste buds with its delicious flavors & is made with simplicity that it will leave you in awe.


Family holds a special place in the rich Omani culture & what’s better than food to bring families together for a big meal off a communal platter of rice and some meat or fish every once in a while. Ruz-al-Mudhroub is a very special rice dish served with fried fish and is considered a delicacy in this coastal country.


If you are looking for a meaty, spicy treat, try out Shuwa to tantalize your tongue with bursts of authentic herbs, spices & tender meat. For lovers of seafood, Oman offers Mashuai made from spit-roasted kingfish served with lemon juice. For when you have satiated your appetite with local delicacies, locally brewed coffee will have you feeling fresh in a jiffy.


The real traditional Omani hospitality is the Omani halwa (sweet). It is usually served in Omani homes before drinking Arabian coffee. The main ingredients which go into the making of halwa include starch, eggs, sugar, water, ghee, saffron, cardamom, nuts and rose water from the Jebel-al-Akdhar. The ingredients are mixed in proportions and quantities known only to skilled chefs. The preferred cooking method is over a wood fire. Halwa is usually served in a large earthenware bowl. In times of joy or sorrow, religious occasions and festivals, Halwa is served to guests to mark the event to grace the menu.


Ubhar is one of the amazing restaurants to visit in Oman. It is designed to enchant and plunge the diner into Oman’s mysterious and regal past. Both the décor and the food are a medley of modern and historical cuisine and design. Desserts are a special treat, especially the halva-based offerings. An effortless ordained ride can be acquired from Towell Lease, the ride of luxury with a treat of Omani magic for your palates.


So, when you’re in Oman, don’t forget to experience recipes that are delightful, flavorful & will leave you coming back for more. Bon appetit!

Valleys of Serenity – Oman


The first time I heard of Oman, I imagined a place with sweltering hot climate and unending stretches of barren deserts. As I looked more into the country, I began to realize how incredibly inaccurate my presumptions were. Oman is located on the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula, it sets itself apart from other countries in the Middle East region due to its remarkable landscape, which not only consists of deserts but hills, mountains and pristine beaches.


My curiosity about this nation grew with each passing day as I delved deeper into my research. What really intrigued me were the restful valleys. I looked up information and familiarized myself with the vibrant Arab culture and heritage that the Sultanate of Oman has to offer. I began to dream of gliding through the picturesque valleys and ultimately decided that I had to witness this exquisite gem personally.


As I landed in Oman, my car from Towell Lease was already awaiting my arrival. I quickly managed to get in after my airport clearance and started my escapade. The valleys or as the locals call them “wadis” are filled with a variety of natural attractions. This fertile land has been a good fortune towards Omani locals.


Wadi Shab was the first on my list and it proved to be such a refreshing treat. The high stone walls portrayed a very cinematic effect with the valley’s floor holding hidden pools with submerged caves. The best escape from the summer is lying hidden within the mountains. It is considered to be one of the most popular wadis of Oman and attracts travel enthusiasts from all around the world.


Travelling across north Oman, the majestic Hajar Mountains shed their beauty upon me. Among these mountains lies Wadi Nakhr also known as “The Grand Canyon of Oman”. The Wadi also hosts hidden pools and lush landscape. Besides the scenic beauty that this valley has to offer, there is a rich culture that is on display every time you encounter the warm and friendly locals or visit the market full of the beautifully hand crafted rugs, for which the region is famous.


The wadi ArRawdha was one of the finest destinations throughout our journey, on our way we passed through historic sites, ruins and witnessed fossils that echoed the remains of past civilizations. The trip was quite long but pleasant, all thanks to my local tour guide who was very friendly and well-versed in English and the comfortable and spacious car I rented from Towell Lease Oman. The luxurious ride absolutely made my imagination run wild in the Arabian nights. I even nicknamed my car “Protector”.


All these valleys have something unique to offer and with their historical significance they mesmerize the traveler with their magnificence. These ruins truly let you bond with the past of Oman. When the time to end my escapade came, I found it really hard to say goodbye to these amazing Valleys of Serenity and the “Protector” of which I had grown fond of.


I was lucky enough to visit Oman in the spring season. The beauty of this place is magnified by the spring rain drops falling on the glorious landscape with animals grazing on the lush grass. So if you are looking for the best time to visit this gem of a place, you must start planning your spring holidays.